Why the pizza of the Osteria of Archibugi is the best one?
The answer is easy....
Thanks to the rotating wood burning oven, mineral water, artisan flour from a local mill and natural ingredients.
Thus was born and it is cooked the best Neapolitan pizza you can taste.
This is the winning recipe of our pizza.
We also prepare a special selection of Military Pizzas called as the Soldier of the Fort, the Alpine, the Carabiniera, the Archibugi, the Dux and the Fort Pizza.

The secret dough is prepared only by our worldwide recognized pizza chef,
the famous ... Jonny Lo Scuro

Those who complain of our pizzas don’t pay.

Groups ordering over ten pizzas... will get a free one...

Advance reservation is required!

Wood Fired brick oven

Thanks to the rotating wood burning oven, the only one in the valley, you will enjoy the real taste of the original Neapolitan pizza.